This project is being undertaken in collaboration with the following researchers:

Melinda Allen (University of Auckland, NZ)
Steve Athens (International Archaeological Research Institute Inc., Hawai, USA)
Stuart Bedford (Historic Places Trust, NZ)
Peter Bellwood (Australian National University, Australia)
Chris Bronk-Ramsey (University of Oxford, England)
David Burley (Simon Fraser University, Canada)
Hinanui Cauchois (University of Hawaii, USA)
Scarlett Chiu (Institute of History and Philology, Taiwan)
Geoff Clark (University of Otago, New Zealand)
Eric Conte (Universite de la Polynesie Francaise)
Tom Dye (Dye & Colleagues, Archaeologists, Inc., Hawaii, USA)
Michael Gagan (Australian National University, Australia)
Roger Green (University of Auckland, NZ)
Simon Haberle (Australian National University, Australia)
Charles Higham (University of Otago, NZ)
Tom Higham (University of Oxford, England)
Michiko Intoh (National Museum of Ethnology, Japan)
Geoff Irwin (University of Auckland, NZ)
Paul Kench (University of Auckland, NZ)
Pat Kirch (University of Berkely, USA)
Li Kuang-Ti (Institute of History and Philology, Taiwan)
Ian Lilley (University of Queensland, Australia)
Roger McLean (Australian Defence Force Academy,University College, Australia)
Armand Mijares (Australian National University, Australia)
Christine Prior (Rafter Radiocarbon Laboratory,IGNS,NZ)
Christopher Sand (Dept. Archeologie,Service des Musees, New Caledonia)
Peter Sheppard (University of Auckland, NZ)
Robin Sim (Australian National University, Australia)
Rodger Sparks (Rafter Radiocarbon Laboratory,IGNS,NZ)
Mathew Spriggs (Australian National University, Australia)
Glenn Summerhayes (Australian National University, Australia)
Katherine Szabo (Australian National University, Austraila)
Nuno Vasco (Australian National University, Australia)
Paul Wallin (Kon Tiki Museum, Oslo)
Richard Walter (University of Otago, NZ)
Marshall Weisler (University of Queensland, Australia)
Peter White (University of Sydney, Australia)



Research associates