1. Increase the number of regions/locations in the Pacific with reliable ΔR values available for calibration of marine radiocarbon determinations.

2. Increase our understanding of the pattern of
ΔR variation in open ocean situations. Specifically, the influence of major current systems and upwelling on ΔR variation, and short term changes over time (ie. changes to ocean circulation and climate due to anthropogenic influences (ENSO and/or seasonal effects).

3. Broaden our knowledge of known problem areas, including the influence of limestone geologies, hydrothermal venting and freshwater input on

4. Expand our knowledge of the reliability of different shell species for radiocarbon dating. Particular emphasis will be given to the habitat (eg. intertial/estuarine/reef) and dietary preferences of the shellfish (eg. carnivore, herbivore, deposit feeder).