Tephras form key stratigraphic markers because they can link disparate records in both the terrestrial and marine environments.

Alan Hogg has been involved in dating key New Zealand tephras for many years, by Bayesian methods, including 14C wiggle matching the archaeologically important Kaharoa (AD 1314 ± 12) and Taupo (AD 232 ± 5) tephras.  Recent studies have also centred upon the widespread Kawakawa/Oruanui (25,360 ± 160 cal yr BP), and Rotoehu (44,800 ± 300 - 47,500 ± 2100 cal BP) tephras.

Waikato's Radiocarbon Dating Research

Distribution of Taupo eruption ignimbrite and tephra-fall deposits. The location of the Pureora buried forest containing logs used for dating is shown in the map on the right.

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Selected publications:

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