Dating the earliest archaeological evidence for colonisation of the Pacific

Waikato's Radiocarbon Dating Research

Conus arm ring (artefact), Vanuatu. Subsampled for AMS.

The question of when the first people expanded into the Pacific, has been much debated. Dr Petchey has been involved in a number of projects that are aimed towards providing greater chronological resolution to this question.

Selected publications:

  • Nunn, PD, F Petchey, 2013. Bayesian re-evaluation of Lapita settlement in Fiji: radiocarbon analysis of the Lapita settlement at Bourewa and nearby sites on the Rove Peninsula, Viti Levu Island. Journal of Pacific Archaeology, 4(2):21-34.
  • Petchey, F, M Spriggs, F Leach, M Seed, C Sand, M Pietrusewsky, K Anderson, 2011. Testing the human factor: Radiocarbon dating the first peoples of the South Pacific. Journal of Archaeological Science, 38:29-44.
  • Petchey, F, G Clark, 2010. A ∆R for the Palau Islands: An evaluation of extant and new ∆R values and their application to archaeological deposits at Ulong. Journal of Island Archaeology, 5:236-252
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